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Used by around 600 businesses and more than 5,500 users Australia-wide, WinBEAT is undeniably Australia's most popular insurance broking system.
  • Overview

    WinBEAT is Australia's most popular broking system solution designed specifically for General Insurance Intermediaries.

    With 40+ years of history and experience, WinBEAT is designed by Australians for the Australian market. It contains full trust accounting facilities, includes many components to assist with compliance and interfaces to most industry providers.

    WinBEAT's professional training, outstanding support and automatic update services make it the broking system of choice for 550 Australian broking businesses with over 6,000 users.

    WinBEAT4.2 is the current release and includes the new Background Funding module supported by most Premium Funders, offering your clients options to pay by the month. Enhanced invoice options complement this new module. Sub Associate accounting is also available in this release as well as enhanced reporting and Enquiry functions.


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Version: 4.2.31.