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Ebix Online Payment Gateway

Payment collection and management solution. Improve cash flow and reduce back office costs by introducing easy online payment options for your clients.
  • Online Payments

    Online Payment Gateway is a standalone module providing an easy to implement e-commerce facility allowing your clients to pay for their policies online in a fully secured environment. 

    The module can be added to your existing website, allowing your clients to easily pay invoices by credit card without the need for any manual intervention or processing. Simply direct clients to the online payments page on your website and let them nominate whether they are paying an individual invoice or their total outstanding balance.

    The benefits are instantaneous with more flexibility for your clients, and less manual processing and improved cash flow for your business.

  • Compliance

    Ebix OPG caters to all pass-through bank surcharges, whether it is credit card or debit card, making it compliant with the Competition and Consumer Amendment Act 2016.

  • Integrated

    Integrate with Ebix's CBS, eGlobal, Evolution or WinBEAT for increased efficiencies

  • Secure

    Industry standard security measures protects your client's personal information

  • Easy

    As quick and easy as buying any other goods & services online

  • OPGView

    A recently added feature, OPGView allows your finance administrators to login in and view the entire OPG payment history log. This assists in resolving any payment queries should these arise. Using OPGView your finance team can establish whether a payment has been accepted or declined. Payments can be searched by invoice and client reference numbers.

    OPGView payment logs can be viewed in detail to see exactly how much was paid, the reason for a decline in the event a payment was declined, customer email details and the bank transaction ID number. OPGView assists with the payment administration, resolving most payment queries quickly and efficiently.

  • Options

    These features are included in the new release of OPG:
    • Paypal available for a payment option
    • Optional client access to Premium Funding (with Broker's participating funder)
    • Optional email payment confirmation with your branding
    • The OPG is now broken down into individual steps or pages
    • The addition of an OPGView which allows you a summary of the log files for each payment and whether they were approved or declined and for what reason
    • Option for part payment of invoices
    • A minimum and maximum payment amount for part payments
    • The option to include an email confirmation process i.e. confirm the email by entering it a second time
    • Default an invoice prefix in the invoice reference field
    • The option to validate that the invoice prefix (the first character of the invoice number) is entered correctly
    • The option to validate the length of the invoice number entered into the OPG
    • The responsive design means it fits in and resizes with smartphones and tablet devices better
    • Option to implement to your website as iframe or new window
    • Your choice of popular credit cards
    • Your choice of credit card surcharge (by card type)
    • Option of applying a surcharge for certain spend amounts
    • Optional invoice and/or transactional payments
    • Option to dispay Thawte SSL Certificate image and link for additional peace of mind for your clients


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