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  • Configurable

    OneOffice is highly configurable and can be implemented to support a vast range of product and servicing models. OneOffice is an enterprise-wide and mission critical system and is designed to be scalable from small user bases to many thousands.

  • Flexible

    Change your business model to the suit the changing market. With OneOffice you choose the way you run your business, and it lets you adapt to a changing market. OneOffice is fully customizable via a blend of system templates and wizards and specialist services and is able to meet business needs anywhere along the product development, reporting and distribution life cycle.

    The design of OneOffice provides the flexibility to business users to deploy the system module by module so as to lower risk and increase operational effectiveness.

  • Accessible

    The accessibility of OneOffice is unprecedented - bringing together client support, administration, call centres, external underwriters, advisors and customers.

  • Multiple Locations - Multiple Channels

    OneOffice provides secure web based access to advisors, Third party sales functions, customers and re-insurers that has traditionally only been available to back office administrators.

  • Advisor Channel Management

    OneOffice manages distributed users such as an entire adviser network and can deal with variables such as the different levels of commission paid to individuals.

  • Service Oriented Architecture

    The Service Oriented Architecture enables you to interface with commonly used corporate functions such as cheque payment systems and reporting tools. This is achieved quickly and simply by using industry standard facilities such as XML and web services.

  • No after thoughts, No bolt-ons

    It is a complete platform to support all of your product and servicing requirements - from the time that an advisor or prospect requests a quote to when it comes time to pay claims.

  • Enterprise Reporting

    OneOffice provides customers a comprehensive and complete client correspondence and reporting engine. This can be integrated into your existing reporting infrstructure or you can choose to use it as a standalone facility.

  • User Interface

    The user interface allows users to customise the look and feel of the application to maximise readability and to suit their specific branding requirements.

  • Secure

    Comprehensive security controls are embedded in the system to ensure customer privacy and can at any point fit into a company's security policy without affecting the operation of the application


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